Applied Informatics in Finance and Economics (AIFE) 2023


Special Session on Applied Informatics in Finance and Economics (AIFE) in IIAI AAI 2023

Whole Program of the IIAI AAI Congress

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Program Outline

Detailed Program of Our Session

Each oral presentation has 15-20 min for their presentation and 10-5 min for Q&A.

[SCAI-SS1 1] 9:30-12:00, July 9 (Sun): Room B

Session Chair: Hiroki Sakaji (The University of Tokyo), Yoshiyuki Suimon (Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.)

Paper Title & Authors
09:30-09:55 Text Mining of Future Dividend Policy Sentences from Annual Securities Reports
Kaito Takano, Tomoki Okada, Yusuke Shimizu and Kei Nakagawa
09:55-10:20 Treasury yield spread prediction with sentiments of Beige Book and macroeconomic data
Masaki Fujiwara, Yoshiyuki Suimon and Kei Nakagawa
10:20-10:45 Policy Gradient Stock GAN for Realistic Discrete Order Data Generation in Financial Markets
Masanori Hirano, Hiroki Sakaji and Kiyoshi Izumi
Awarded Competitive Paper Award!
10:45-11:10 Fact or Opinion? – Essential Value for Financial Results Briefing
Yutaka Kuroki, Tomonori Manabe and Kei Nakagawa
11:10-11:35 Multifactor Model with Deep Learning for Currency Investments
Shingo Sashida and Kei Nakagawa
11:35-12:00 Frequent Batch Auctions investigated by Agent-Based Model
Takanobu Mizuta and Kiyoshi Izumi

[SCAI-SS1 2] 13:15-14:30, July 9 (Sun): Room B

Session Chair: Kei Nakagawa (Nomura Asset Management Co, Ltd.)

Paper Title & Authors
13:15-13:40 Measuring Japanese Stock Correlation Networks and Application for Investment Strategy
Nozomu Kobayashi and Yoshiyuki Suimon
13:40-14:05 Export Nowcasting with AIS and Foot Traffic Data
Tsubasa Ueda, Takehide Hirose and Kiyoshi Izumi
14:05-14:30 Efficient Learning of Nested Deep Hedging using Multiple Options
Masanori Hirano, Kentaro Imajo, Kentaro Minami and Takuya Shimada

[SCAI-SS1 3] 14:45-15:50, July 9 (Sun): Room B

Session Chair: Masanori Hirano (The University of Tokyo)

Paper Title & Authors
14:45-15:10 Predicting Financial Asset Returns with Factor and Lead-Lag Relationships: Ridge Regression with Lagged Penalty
Tatsuki Masuda and Kei Nakagawa
Awarded Outstanding Paper Award!
15:10-15:35 Topic Classification of Key Audit Matters in Japanese Audit Reports by Zero-shot Text Classification
Nobushige Doi, Yusuke Nobuta and Takeshi Mizuno
15:35-16:00 Summarization of Investment Reports Using Pre-trained Model
Hiroki Sakaji, Ryotaro Kobayashi, Kiyoshi Izumi, Hiroyuki Mitsugi and Wataru Kuramoto
16:00-16:25 1 Normal SCAI Presentaion

[AIFE Drinking Dinner Party (Unofficial)] 18:15-, July 9 (Sun):

Session Chair: Masanori Hirano (The University of Tokyo)

If you're interested in it, please let us know immediately: [email protected]

[SCAI-SS1 Poster] 17:30-, July 10 (Mon): Room A+B

Paper Title & Authors
Using weather-based machine learning approach to estimate retail sales and interpret weather factors
Yoshiyuki Suimon, Hiroto Tanabe and Kiyoshi Izumi
Extraction SDGs-related sentences from SustainabilityReports using BERT and ChatGPT
Masaki Sashida, Izumi Kiyoshi and Hiroki Sakaji